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Walt Disney Autographed

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 Diane Disney-Miller's book, THE STORY OF WALT DISNEY is the closest thing there is to an official Walt Disney biography.  Signed copies are a great find.  Imagine... Walt Disney signing- in effect certifying- his life's story!  There is no Disney thrill like reading Walt Disney's life story from a book that Walt himself held in his hands.  Walt Disney has personally signed this book in a giant 6" long signature in the boldest blue ink you can imagine!  This volume is doubly special because it is also autographed by Walt Disney's daughter, Diane Disney Miller!  Walt's daughter-- who wrote the book with Pete Martin-- has signed on the page before Walt's signture. 

Included is an email from the original owner-- documentation you rarely get buying anywhere else:
"... T
he book was purchased at Disneyland, already signed, in mid-1957.  I was fourteen at the time, and wanted to buy a copy, myself, when I and my family were visiting there, but my parents somehow dissuaded me from doing so.  What they had, in fact, done, however, was to buy a copy themselves, which they presented to me as a gift on my fifteenth birthday a little later in the year!"

This book is a first edition; the ultimate addition to any Disney book collection!  247 pages.  In EXCELLENT condition; owner has signed his name on first blank page; dust jacket also in rare, excellent condition (the best I have ever seen for one of these books) Includes the Phil Sears Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity Certificate.  Very rare; it often takes me several years to find one autographed by both Walt Disney and Diane.  Item # 2068


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Walt Disney autographing a different book for a young fan.





Includes my Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity!  Also Included is a Free Copy of "E TICKET" Magazine Featuring My 7 Page Article About Walt Disney's Autograph!


Includes my Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity! 


Also Included is a Copy of  My 7 Page "E TICKET" Magazine
 Article About Walt Disney's Autograph!


Where Do The Amazing Things at
Phil Sears Collectibles LLC Come From???
Over the past 20+ years I have purchased from:

-Walt Disney's first star, Virginia Davis
-Family of Roger Broggie, Walt Disney's First Imagineer
-Walt Disney's Cinderella voice actress Eileen Woods
-Family of Walt Disney's secretary Tommy Wilck
-Walt Disney's Snow White voice actress Adriana Caselotti
-Walt Disney's publicist Len Shannon
-Disney History Institute's Paul F. Anderson
-Marceline, Missouri Mayor & Walt Disney friend Rush Johnson
-Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty voice actress Mary Costa
-Walt Disney's Cal Arts publicist Tom Wilck
-Family of Disney artist Josh Meador
-Walt Disney's Tinker Bell Margaret Kerry 
-Estate of Disney Artist Jay Gould
-Family of Disney Artist Milt Banta
-Family of Disney artist Ward Kimball (through an intermediary)
-Walt Disney's Movie Producer Harry Tytle
-Disneyland President Jack Lindquist
-Family of E Ticket Magazine co-publisher Leon Janzen
-Son of Walt Disney friend Winslow Case
-Van France, hired by Walt Disney to create the University of Disneyland
... And 100's More!
-And we'd like to buy from you if you have something amazing!

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About Phil Sears:

"...Only a few (dealers) specialize in authentic, vintage Disney autographs and memorabilia.  Perhaps the best of these is Phil Sears..."



Phil Sears
Has authenticated Disney for the both of the world's largest auction galleries- Christie's London & Sotheby's in New York

When the Disney Company needed Walt Disney autographs for a series of special "100 Years of Magic" auctions, they got them from  Phil Sears

When Walt Disney World wanted a Disney autograph
for a contest grand prize, they bought it from Phil Sears

Even Walt Disney's daughter,
Diane Disney-Miller owns a  piece from Phil Sears

Memorabilia from Phil Sears is on display
at the Walt Disney Family Museum



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