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I don't sell on eBay often, but when I do, my customers are
just as happy as when they purchase directly from this website!


Below are genuine customer comments sent in by people who have made purchases from this website.   If you would like to add your comments (and I especially like photos of customers with their purchases!) please don't hesitate to contact me (click here: ).  If you send in a comment for this page, please include the words "OK to publish" somewhere in your message. 



In his second satisfied customer email, Travis Edgeworth writes:  

Over the years now I have purchased many items from you. The Disneyland Map I purchased and then had framed is already shown on your "Happy Customers Page". I finally got to make one room in my home a "Disney Room" , which will always be a work in progress as I purchase new items to add to the room. I purchased a blueprint of the "Disneyland Castle" from you awhile back, I just got it framed like the map and it looks great. I also got the "Disneyland Honorary Citizen Certificate" framed. Everyone that comes into my house always love the items I have put up so far. I always recommend to anyone that sees my souvenirs to go to your site for any and everything Disney. I can do nothing but rave over your items for purchase on your site, and your wonderful service. On a scale of 1 - 10, you get a 10++. I am sure I will be getting new items soon to add and expand my "Disney Room". Also, I included a few pictures of the items I have purchased from you and then had framed.
Travis Edgeworth


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I have been collecting Disneyana and Walt Disney autographs for many years. is the only place I will buy from. Phil’s customer service and knowledge of Walt’s autograph cannot be matched. I have not seen anyone  anywhere with better authentic Walt Disney autographs and Disneyana items then Phil. Every time I purchase an autograph it comes just like he described!  I look forward to buying from Phil many years to come! Chris Colgan 


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Cameron English framed the Walt Disney autograph he purchased from me with a photo of Walt Disney signing autographs in Marceline, Missouri, along with a letter from the Marceline resident who received the autograph.

"Thought you might like to see what I did with the Walt Disney Autograph I purchased from you, I had it framed with a picture from the signing, and the letter of the person who received it in 1956! It has quickly become my favorite collectors piece! Thanks for everything!

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Gary Eckhardt of San Antonio, Texas purchased a rare audio-animatronic character costume from me.  This is the silver jacket and red dickie worn by "Mr. Johnson," head of Mission Control in Disney's MISSION TO MARS.   

"Just a quick note to let you know that Mr. Johnson arrived last week in perfect condition.  Thanks SO much for making the Ace in my Disneyland
collection available! I had a few photos taken of the new happy owner opening the boxes..."

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"Phil, My lifelong goal is complete! Thank you for a timely shipment... The item was superbly packaged... I am absolutely stunned at the quality of the signature... MINT is right.  Your web photos do not do it justice! The 8x10 of Walt is superb too. Very high quality - not a 8x10 you can buy in the theme parks....  I can't wait to get your certificate and Walt's signature on my wall.  A great experience all around and I welcome to give future testimonials on your work.  Sincerely,
A very happy Rob Davison"

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Customer Travis Edgeworth writes:

"Thought you would like to see a picture of what I did with the Disneyland map I ordered from you. I just got it back today. It turned out great. ... I even had the Disneyland and "I walked in Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom" pins mounted on the bottom of the picture. Thanks again. I am more than happy with everything I have ordered from you." 


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Customer Patrick Koeski was kind enough to send in this photo that shows how great the Haunted Mansion stretch painting posters can look when framed nicely.  The smaller framed item, by the way, is Walt Disney's autograph.   Patrick writes:

"My wife and I are extremely pleased with the outcome.  I wanted to thank you for having such quality products.  You have been a pleasure to deal with."


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Haunted Mansion Poster.jpg (125325 bytes)"I have been dealing with Phil for several years, and I must say that each time I have purchased Disneyana memorabilia from Phil, it has been a very easy and pleasant experience! Recently, I had ordered several items from him and put it on layaway. Two months later, I had seen some additional items I had wanted, and in no time flat, he had created a new invoice with the items I wanted to add without any trouble whatsoever. In ordering items from Phil, he takes time to listen to my requests, and has answered several questions as well as kept a lookout for Haunted Mansion items for me (they are my favorite Disney collectable). If ANYONE is interested in purchasing items from Phil and are a little leery of a company on the internet, rest assured, I have had absolutely NO problems in getting the items I had wanted. I look forward to
purchase many more Disney items from Phil in the future. Phil really makes me feel like I am his only customer and really goes out of his way to help me in all my Disney collectable needs."


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I have long been a fan of Walt Disney World and The Haunted Mansion, and I came across Mr. Sears's website while searching for a copy of the Haunted Mansion CD. Not only did he have a copy of it, but a whole selection of rare Haunted Mansion goodies which I was delighted to find.

Looking through Mr. Sears's pages of Walt Disney collectibles is like searching through a treasure chest - containing some really beautiful pieces of Disney artwork, and merchandise and collectibles that were thought to be either long gone or non-existent.

"But what makes Phil Sears Collectibles extra special is the quality of service that is offered. You are always guaranteed quick and friendly replies when making an order, and every care is taken to ensure that the items arrive in immaculate condition. I have always been a little cynical about sending credit card information via the Internet, but I feel more than safe on this site, as this is another thing that Mr. Sears cares about. The invoices/receipts that arrive with orders are also very thorough. Mr. Sears really does go out of his way to provide an efficient delivery.

Also, Phil Sears's knowledge of collectibles is astonishing - he is able to answer almost any enquiry that one may have, and I could quite confidently say that if Phil Sears hasn't heard of it, it probably never existed! And like many others have said, he is always more than happy to find out for his customers information on any merchandise or collectibles that they are looking for.

Therefore  if anyone would like to send or receive an extra special surprise through the post, I recommend Phil Sears - and with such valuable items at more than reasonable prices and many on special offer, you can't go wrong. This is most definitely a site that does the words DISNEY and COLLECTIBLES firm justice. I look forward to dealing with Phil Sears again."
J. Taylor-Goddard 

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U.K. customer Rob Dix sent in this photo to show how he framed several items purchased from this website into one large display piece.  Included are Walt and Roy O. Disney's autograph with a 1937 Snow White model sheet.




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For anyone new: Please know I am more than a satisfied customer of Phil Sears over the last few years with authentic and beautiful purchases!  I have just recently purchased a Walt Disney autograph from Phil. Believe me it was a thrilling experience to receive it!  He will act in your best interest at all times!! Do review his credentials from his home page.

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Just returned from a family reunion in Anaheim where the entire family (brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, my children...23 in all!) was able to spend a day at Disneyland. First time we did the entire family did it together since 1968!. On Christmas Day, I gave the Disneyland Giant Wall Map from 1968, which I purchased from your website a couple months ago, to my brother as a special gift . It was a very special moment highlighting the event as it brought back memories of fun times of the past. Thanks to you for having a website that makes merchandise such as this available.
     Everyone was amazed and very curious as to "how in the world did you find that?". I told them all about your website, Disneyana, which they were all very interested in visiting to see what other wonderful things that you
might have. So, hopefully you will have a few more customers.  Thank you again Phil and I wish you continued success.

John Toman

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I ordered a Disney's 25th anniversary banner from Phil Sears. The banner was in excellent condition. It was packed so that there would be no damage from shipping. And it was delivered immediately. I also received a free promotion that was going on at the time. I received the banner in the exact condition that it was described as being. I am very happy, and would not hesitate to order from Phil Sears again.

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Phil Sears is great to work with. I have ordered from him several times & all items come promptly & professionally packaged as well as in excellent condition by collectible standards. He is well-known in Disneyana circles & his unconditional guarantee is always honored. A really top-notch serious Disney dealer!

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Phil is without a doubt the best Disneyana site on the web! I have ordered from the site and always suggest my web site visitors to vist also. Believe me, it is the best service I have recieved on the web. Thanks for everything Phil!
Your friend, Jimmy aka "Haunts"

Webmaster of The Unofficial Disney World Haunted Mansion website

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I'd like to mention that my continued experiences purchasing rare Disneyana collectibles from Phil Sears has been good. I have purchased items outright and made layaway payments with no problems whatsoever, and have found that Mr. Sears is patient and will work with you if the need arises. I am sure I will be doing business with him in the future. Feel free to contact me with questions about my purchases at

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I was very satisfied with the ordering process. Mr. Sears immediately e-mailed me back, and from Florida where he was attending a business conference. I had a few questions before I placed my first order, and he was extremely helpful in answering questions. My order placement was verified immediately as well, and my shipment was received in a timely fashion. I would not hesitate to order from him again.

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