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About Phil Sears:

"...Only a few (dealers) specialize in authentic, vintage Disney autographs and memorabilia.  Perhaps the best of these is Phil Sears..."






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A Disney Magazine article by the Disney Archives tells of Walt Disney
handing out autographed note sheets at Disneyland (click image for a larger view).


Walt Disney's Autograph... With Mickey Mouse!

Twenty years ago I mentioned in my article in E TICKET MAGAZINE that Walt Disney kept note paper like this on his desk, and when he anticipated going into a crowd of autograph seekers- at Disneyland for example- he would sometimes sign these note sheets in advance and put them in his pocket. This way he could pass them out and get through a crowd of autograph seekers without getting bogged down.  In the movie "Saving Mr. Banks" Walt is shown passing out pre-signed autographs at Disneyland (although if you look closely, the Tom Hanks character is passing out small signed photos, which is not accurate).

Waltís printed name and the Mickey Mouse logo make this note sheet extremely desirable- it literally comes from a notepad Walt used on the desk in his office!  Walt is associated with Mickey Mouse more than any other Disney character, yet Mickey Mouse items autographed by Walt Disney are surprisingly uncommon.  Any Mickey Mouse item with Walt Disney's autograph is highly-prized by collectors, making this piece a treasure!  The fact it is a piece of Walt's personalized "Walt Disney" note paper also makes it an exceptional item. 

Disney's D23 fan club 2016 membership gift included a reproduction of a note sheet similar to this.  But this is NOT a reproduction-- this is an original, personally autographed by Walt Disney

Also included in this purchase:

--Phil Sears Collectibles Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity Certificate.
--8" x 10" color photograph of Walt Disney suitable for framing.
--E Ticket magazine with my article mentioning these note sheets.
 --Photocopy of a Disney Magazine article about
Walt Disney passing these pre-signed sheets out at Disneyland.

An exceptional item!  In very fine condition with no tears and no folds.  Measures approximately 5" x 4" with a very dark Walt Disney autograph.  Covered by the Phil Sears Collectibles Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity.
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Includes my Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity! 



Also Included is a Copy of  My 7 Page "E TICKET" Magazine
 Article About Walt Disney's Autograph!


Says About PHIL SEARS:

"...Only a few (dealers) specialize in
authentic, vintage Disney autographs and memorabilia.
Perhaps the best of these is Phil Sears..."

Phil Sears has authenticated Disney for the both of the world's largest auction galleries- Christie's London and Sotheby's in New York

When the Disney Company needed Walt Disney autographs for its special "100 Years of Magic" auctions, they got them from  Phil Sears

When Walt Disney World wanted a Disney Autograph
for a contest prize, they bought it from Phil Sears

Even Walt Disney's Daughter, Diane Disney-Miller owned
piece from the Phil Sears collection


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